Case Study: Red Bull Student Marketeers Order System

on Sep 16, 2022

Red Bull is a marketing powerhouse that cannot be matched. The brand goes above and beyond with everything it does in terms of marketing strategy. However, student marketers working with Red Bull have often been challenged with one issue throughout their careers. Red Bull for marketing reasons does distribute free cans at social events and these student marketers were faced with the challenge of having to go back to the headquarters of Red Bull each time the cans distributed were out. Also, the headquarters were faced with challenges in tracking these cans they pass on to student marketers as to where it is sent, how many were ordered, who is responsible as well as the consumer information and much more. Thus, it became clear that setting up a robust and effective order management system was essential for Redbull. It’s not just about providing technical services and maintaining the products; it’s also about creating a compliant atmosphere that increases efficiency and productivity. Many businesses deal with a lot of paperwork when it comes to managing products. Because of this, the majority of firms require a single, all-inclusive product to help them manage this procedure and feel relieved. To boost the productivity of everyone involved in this process, our client had the idea to develop a unique app for order administration. 

Let’s explore how the Purple Software team designed and developed RBU Order Management to track the free Red Bull cans that are distributed in Sri Lanka. 

As part of its marketing strategy, Red Bull distributes a considerable number of cans at numerous events each month. To be more specific, Red Bull Student Marketeers are spread over the island and are the ones that bring the cans to the relevant events. Before the introduction of this convenient system, they had to approach the Red Bull office for a renewed manual order. The student marketers are now more effective and more at ease thanks to the Order Management system that was put in place with the help of the Purple Software team. They can now quickly and conveniently request free cans, and the administrators at the headquarters can also maintain accurate and up-to-date records about the free cans that are distributed by the student marketers. They may manage orders and easily approve requests. They can also use the software’s reports on significant data to guide their judgments. This system was essentially created so that student marketers could rapidly place an order to have free cans delivered at social events and that the headquarters could keep track of these procedures. Now that both sides have the order management system, they can start collaborating effectively and seamlessly

The following are the key turning points that motivated our client, Red Bull to develop an application for the order management system:

  • RedBull has a rise in free cans distributed and with no way to keep track, they needed a way to keep track of the free cans given out for the marketing techniques they use.
  • A need to manage all manuals (order tracking, scheduling,  spending, history, and reports) in one place.

Red Bull initially may have wanted the order management system in order to keep proper track of their distribution of free cans, but this system may also play a major role in many factors that Red Bull may encounter.

Simplify workload 

Student marketers may easily obtain the cans they need without having to travel all the way back or waste time waiting for the products to be delivered. By streamlining end-to-end order flow processes using the order management system, Red Bull may be able to execute orders with ease. automating every step of the process, including order capture, settlement, and support.

Recognize complex orders

Increase client satisfaction by documenting and validating orders online to ensure fewer processing exceptions and faster order execution. With supplementary services, Red Bull can handle the delivery of complicated products and seamless ordering.

Flexible in how Red Bull carries it out

Red Bull may meet the needs of its student marketers by using a variety of order options

Stay Up-to-date

Red Bull can effectively be up-to-date with the statistics of cans going in and out of their quarters. The Red Bull team will also be able to have insights on what events were their cans distributed to and also various other demographics. 

Research & Project Assessment

We delved deeply into the order creation process and talked with the Red Bull team about how the orders were created, what information was gathered at each step, and how the received data affected future order processing in order to make sure that software functionality would meet our client’s business needs.

We also got a list of issues that our client had to fix. We were able to condense the functionality list by eliminating some of the requested capabilities that were mutually exclusive while still addressing all of the issues raised.

  • Analyzed existing order creation process
  • Optimized initial requirements from the client
  • Provided tech audit of the existing codebase
  • Composed a list of new technologies and services
  • Prepare a concept of system design and architecture
  • Prioritized custom software features
  • Created project roadmap and agreed on deadlines

Improved Order Processing Flow

Student Marketeers entered the first parameters into the new order management software, and the order was generated and automatically calculated. After reviewing the order’s parameters, the design and technical departments could contact the sales representatives with any recommendations or queries that needed to be cleared up before the order was processed further.

Assessment of iterative development

Every time we added a new feature, we first created a prototype, had a member of the relevant team test it, and then began fully implementing it. We had regular meetings with the client in addition to our internal daily meetings and sprint reviews, which helped us to provide an effective solution. Weekly updates on product changes and tasks performed were also delivered.

Results – Tech Aspect

  • The new system, which was powered by algorithms, allowed our customers to automate their company’s order management system.
  • We were able to offer only useful functionality thanks to the iterative process, and we were also able to adjust the project’s scope as we went.
  • A customized internal solution with a safe and scalable architecture was provided to the Red Bull team.
  • Product documentation was kept up to date and would ensure a quick onboarding process for engineers as the product scaled further.

Results – Business Aspect

  • Now that the order management system has been updated, student marketers may easily enter the number of cans they need as well as information about the specific event. 
  • The person in charge may study the specifics, investigate the request’s legitimacy, and inform the appropriate team once this request has reached headquarters. 
  • The desired quantity may be delivered to the specified person or location once the pertinent team has been notified. 
  • Each step of the procedure will result in an update to the system.

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