Purple has helped various businesses increase their performance.


Sales Agent Management System

Track your sales agent performance and make their work efficient with real time data reports.

The effectiveness of a proper sales system is crucial to achieving the objectives of an organization. Hence, this comprehensive and wide-ranging system is implemented to monitor every aspect of the sales flow in the company, offering important data and information to make changes when necessary, and implement KPIs when required. Furthermore, it does extensive online monitoring, reporting, and data analysis, based on a target driven platform. This makes achieving monthly, quarterly, and annual targets quite easy, since all the required information is at a single glance.

This system, designed with the latest cutting edge technology, provides individual dashboards with relevant modules and components to sales executives, agencies, retail outlets, and management teams. It is further integrated with iOS and Android mobile applications for added versatility.

Product Features

  • Configurable dashboard with real-time updates
  • Covering all layers of sales workflow
  • Easy product management
  • Capture and track location based orders on real-time
  • Define and monitor sales targets
  • Powerful sales analytics
  • Instant notifications for sales activities
  • Define a proper workflow


CRM for Travel Companies

Customer satisfaction of a tourist is the most valued element of travel agencies and destination management companies. Customer satisfaction starts form the point of inquiry to final departure. Each task has a direct influence on customer satisfaction of a tourist. It is very important to carefully monitor this process. Purple Software introduces all-inclusive tour CRM for this purpose which is a 360-degree centralized system. Through Turo CRM all the tours can be monitored, and the turnaround time can be reduced significantly. Turo CRM has many must have features. Get your system today and grant access to all stakeholders. Track the process from the booking to final payment.


Customer Loyalty Management System

Introducing Fidé, our platform to manage your customer reward points on any device.

A SaaS based loyalty management system, FIDE can be implemented and integrated into any retail business. Since it is based on a simple, yet effective cloud platform concept, it can be easily accessible by anyone via the internet.It, unlike numerous other costly loyalty management system, offers an affordable alternative for many small, medium, and large-scale retail vendors. A nominal monthly subscription fee is all that is charged.

Smart Maintenance Tracking System

Track maintenance cycle of multiple devices through our state of the art IoT platform.

This is an all-round IoT solution, enabling businesses to reinvent products, services and manufacturing norms, internal operations, machine data, and businesses. It can be recalibrated to any industrial equipment, workflow management system, or any other device monitoring system. It comes equipped with a hardware unit that can customized to suit your preference. Its AI and continuous learning algorithm can predict machine behavior, maintenance requirements, thresholds, break-down times, and a host of other important information to help you get the most out of your equipment and/or business.